Whether you’re a show secretary, have a venue with hire facilities, or host clinics or lessons Equo Events has been designed to suit your needs. Here are 9 reasons why all organisers can’t live without the online event entry system Equo.

  1. Equo is free 

Equo is free for organisers, who can feel confident in our secure payment provider, Stripe, which ensures that funds are received in real time. As all payments are made online Equo reduces the risk of bounced cheques while guaranteeing entries and payments. Equo also reduces admin time and consequently costs.

  1. Equo is for everyone

Equo is not just a place to take your competition entries, you can arrange clinic bookings for freelance coaches and trainers, arena hire ensuring that all your free slots are filled, cross-country course hire ready for the upcoming hunter trial season and much more. This is all very easy to manage, saving you lots of time.

  1. Equo is quick and easy 

Equo is user friendly and easy to use alongside your own website entry service. Equo remembers and stores yours and your rider’s details securely, making entries quick and simple.

  1. Equo is led by quality brands

Horse & Hound is well established and has over 130 years of trust and heritage in equestrianism. In addition to this Equo is backed by Time Inc. – one of the world’s largest publishers who reach over 120 million people online each month, across 90 iconic brands.

  1. Equo offers FREE marketing tools

Here at Equo we make things easy for you. Our wide, yet targeted reach of over one million equestrians offers great marketing opportunities, which will subsequently increase entries to your events, which will be listed in Horse & Hound magazine. In addition to this you could also win an event sponsorship package worth £500.

  1. Equo are supportive

The Equo team is all about supporting local riders – that’s why we have dedicated Equo reps and a trained customer service team who are always here to help. Equo offers free evening and weekend support from fully trained Equo staff. In addition to everything Equo can offer you currently, Equo will continue to develop and improve based on your feedback.

  1. Equo offers built in show management

Equo is more than just an online event entry system. Equo allows its members to access their profiles and track their events and progress. In addition to this organisers are provided with full show management services, which makes organising an event a walk in the park.

  1. You can relax with Equo

Equo is completely risk free. Equo offers the most stringent level of security certification and allows you to manage and own your own customers and finances.

  1. Equo is hassle free

Equo is quick, easy, fast and hassle free. It is built on a magnitude of research surrounding what organisers and competitors really want. Now all that’s left is to organise the burger van.

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