Registering and general questions

What is Equo?

Equo is the new online entry system which will enable you to spend more time doing what you love and less time dealing with event entry admin. Whether you’re a show organiser or a rider Equo can save you time, money and effort through its comprehensive and easy to use service.

Does it cost anything?

For riders there is a small booking fee on each transaction which we detail on the payments page. This helps us cover the costs of running and maintaining the website but we do everything we can to keep the charges as low as possible.

I’m a competitor, why do I have to pay?

We know no one likes to pay extra costs, so we do everything we can to keep our fees as low as we can, while still being able to offer you the best possible service and keep our website running smoothly.

Are all events listed on there?

One day we hope to have all the equestrian events in the world listed on Equo! However we understand that takes time and we’re working hard to achieve our goal and deliver the best possible event entry website for you. If your local venue isn’t listed on Equo let us know and our team of Equo reps will give them a call to let them know all about it. Simply email us the name of the venue and whereabouts in the country it is on equo.events@timeinc.com

My local equestrian centre/venue is not on there…

If your local centre isn’t on Equo let us know! Drop us a line at equo.events@timeinc.com and tell us which venue you’d like to see listed. We’ll get our hardworking Equo team on the road to visit them, show them the system and even help upload their events straight onto the site.

Will it work across my different devices?

Yes Equo is fully compatible and responsive on desktop, mobile and tablet. You can login across multiple devices and continue booking on any of these platforms. Hurry though as bookings only stay in your for basket 48 hours!

Will you share my data with 3rd parties?

No, we promise not to share any of your personal data with any third parties.

Can I register more than one horse under my account?

Yes! You’re able to register as many horses as you like on Equo. Just go into the My Profile tab and click on Horses. From here you can amend horses you have previously registered and add new ones.

Can I register more than one rider on one account?

Yes! Equo is the ideal place for entering more than one person and horse at a time. You can keep the details of your whole family, yard or team in once place making it easier and faster than ever to enter events. Simply click on the My Profile tab, select Riders and from here you can edit and add as many riders as you like!

Can I change details on my account after registering – e.g. address etc

Yes of course, simply go into the My Profile tab and click on My Details

Can I register as both competitor and organiser?

Yes you can! You must use two different email addresses and register yourself once as a rider and once as an organiser.

Can I log in with my H&H forums account/other H&H login?

At the moment it’s not possible to login with any existing H&H passwords so you’ll need to create a new one for Equo. It only takes a moment and you’ll be able to enter events straight away!

What information/documentation do I need to hand to register as a competitor?

All you need is name, address and email address and you’re ready to start entering events!

What information will I need about my horse in order to compete with them?

You’ll need to record your horses, passport name, breed, colour, date of birth, passport number and any association numbers.

How long does it take to register?

Registering takes just a couple of minutes and then you can begin entering events straight away

Will using Equo increase my chances of being in Horse & Hound magazine?

The way in which H&H magazine decides on who will be featured in the magazine is not changing. We try to accommodate as many worthy riders as possible from grassroots to top level, however this is always at the discretion of the section editor.

Entering an event

There is a mistake with my entry who should I contact?

Contact the event organiser on the contact details provided on the Event details page

How do I search for events near me?

It’s really easy to search for events near you. After clicking on Find an Event, simply type in your postcode and the distance you’re willing to travel and you’ll see all the events in your local area with all the information you’ll need to know

Can I cancel my booking once I’ve entred an event?

Unfortunately not. You must contact the organiser directly and it’s at their discretion whether they refund your booking.


Equo is partnered with Stripe. I’ve never heard of Stripe. Is it safe to use?

Yes, as part of Time Inc. Equo must comply with the strictest security. Stripe has been specially chosen due to its security and ease of use. Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of security certification.

I’m owed a refund, how do I get my money back?

If for any reason an organiser needs to offer a refund you will receive the entire amount back (as agreed by the organiser) including the Equo booking fee. Refunds are at the discretion of the organiser and are handled via our chosen payment provider Stripe. Your refund should appear within your account or card 5-10 days after the refund has been issued.

In the event of a refund, it is the organisers’ responsibility to communicate their cancellation policy to the rider and then issue the refund.

In the event of a dispute with the rider, organisers should take all reasonable steps to help resolve the matter.

Any refunds and cancellations are subject to the organisers’ terms and conditions, which riders must check and accept when entering an event via Equo. Any refunds must be directly arranged with the organiser.

Can I enter and pay for more than one event at one time or do I need to check out separately for each event?

With Equo you can plan your entire season and pay for events from different organisers all together in one easy payment basket. Events put in your basket will remain there for 48 hours if you choose not to checkout straight away.

Can riders enter a class on Equo without completing their payment on Equo?

No, all riders who enter on Equo must pay before their booking is finalised. Equo can still be used by Organisers who take entries via other methods as riders can be entered manually by an Organiser with the knowledge that their payment has been accepted offline.

Will the system remember and store my details?

Equo will save as many horses and riders as you need so you can easily enter without inputting all their information in time and time again. You can opt for the system to save your card details at point of payment however this is optional.

My credit/debit card has been declined, what do I do now?

Firstly make sure all the details you’ve entered are correct. Is the expiry date correct, or has the card expired? Does the billing address you’ve entered match the details held by your card provider? Do you have sufficient funds on your card to complete the transaction? If you’ve checked all of these things and it still isn’t working then you should contact your card provider and/or bank.

Can I pay on behalf of others entering?

Yes, if you list them as riders under your account and enter them within your account you can pay on their behalf. Perfect for organising team entries or families. We also have printable invoices so if you’re paying on behalf of someone else you can show them the receipt of purchase.

Times and results

When and how will I find out my time (for competing)?

When all the entries are in and the organiser schedules the times they will send out an email to all entrants alerting them that the times are now available to view on Equo. Riders just need to follow the link in the email to view their own times.

Can I see my results on Equo?

Yes as soon as the event has uploaded the results you’ll be able to see them via your Equo Dashboard. You can also compare your performance against your personal best or your previous scores. You will receive an email notifying you that the results are now available to view.

Can I search for a horse or riders results?

Results are accessible via the event details page of past events. At the moment searching for others’ results isn’t possible unless you look them up under the exact event and class. You can access your own results for any rider and horse you’ve registered under your personal dashboard.

There is a mistake with my results what should I do?

Contact the event organiser on the contact details provided on the Event details page