It's time for our next Equo content blog. Our north west brand ambassador, Bonnie Fishburn, tells us why her eventing schedule was recently put on hold in the second brand ambassador blog.

So this is my first blog as an Equo Events Brand Ambassador! A few weeks ago I headed to the Horse of the Year Show to meet up with the fellow Equo Brand Ambassadors and it was really nice to finally put faces to names.


The last couple of months have been quite different from anything I’ve ever experienced before. The reason being that I got married on 26th September.

This meant that I decided to stop eventing mid-August and stick to slightly lower risk competitions. My theory was that I was only allowed to break something that I could mend in the six weeks leading up to the wedding! As it turned out I had a great final run at Somerford Park and ended up being slightly depressed that I hadn’t got an entry elsewhere, as Percy was on great form and I would have loved to take him to Gatcombe. However, my sensible head took over and I instead taught myself to ride side-saddle, so that I could ride Percy to church on my wedding day. Most people thought I was slightly crazy thinking about riding to my wedding, but it had always been a dream of mine and the church was only a mile and a half away. There was a slight worry that the weather could let us down, but I stayed positive and luckily the weather couldn’t have been more perfect… in fact the whole day couldn’t have been more perfect.

Percy was an absolute star.

I owe huge thank you to several people that helped make the day possible and also a massive thank you to Patey, who made me the most beautiful ivory top hat with lace and sparkly beads, in order to match my dress. Riding on the roads with no hat was a huge concern of mine, but Patey kindly helped me overcome that problem in style.


Now the wedding is over and we’re trying to come back down to earth I entered a few events throughout October to finish our season off. I actually took Percy to Little Downham for the novice recently and it appears that he’d switched to holiday mode, as he was a little fidgety throughout his dressage test… and then forgot to pick his feet up in the showjumping! Luckily he’d clocked on to what we were meant to be doing by the cross-country and gave me a fabulous ride!

Florence had also been entered for Weston Park, but I decided not to run her because she had knocked her hock, so I will wait to see how she is next week as to where we head next.

Speak to you soon.