Over 20 different classes entered at competitions and nearly 20 training sessions undertaken – and all at nine different venues. This is what Buddy and I have been up to in the past 10 months; and that’s just what we’ve booked using Equo Events! Let’s not forget all the riding club shenanigans and championships on top of that… it’s been a busy year!


When I was announced as Equo Events brand ambassador for the central region it filled me with pride to know I had been picked to represent such a new, innovative and creative brand. Buddy and I had a story to tell and we were on such an exciting journey and now I had been given the tools to expand that journey and the platform to tell my story along the way.

We’ve seen Equo Events grow from strength to strength and back in October 2015, when it all started, there was just one local centre using the easy online entry system. Ten months down the line there are a whole host of centres, from small family run shows, to British Eventing cross country courses, and international equestrian centres.

Using Equo, I’ve had the opportunity to go to six show and clinic providers that I’d never been to before and try things with Buddy – like JumpCross and positional clinics – that I didn’t even know had previously existed. Having all event listings in one place is a dream concept and I only hope that one day we could have all our riding club national entries on such a system – I really did hate having to fill out paper forms for championship entries!

Buddy and I have been to boot camp with BE accredited trainer Barry Meningen at the start of 2016 to get us in to shape and set our goals for the coming season. We’ve completed and placed at three arena horse trial events (one may have ended in a trip to the emergency department but I still won!), and we’ve finally stepped out of the dressage boards and got our confidence back in the showjumping ring.


Forest Edge Arena was a saviour to us in those cold winter months when we finally braved the showjumps again. I had never visited before Equo and the centre’s friendly staff and indoor arena, combined with quick and easy pre-entry class entry, meant it was the perfect place to conquer our demons and get us off the ground again.

Our story has not been simple; whose is? We’ve had falls, accidents, and a spot of lameness. There have been tears, tantrums and personal emotional battles we have fought in the past 10 months. Having the opportunity to blog at each step has been a therapeutic outlet though and I hope that by sharing our journey honestly with others in the equestrian community has highlighted that it is not all sun dances, clear rounds and red rosettes all the time.

I have had some amazing opportunities since joining the Equo team and I hope you have enjoyed our story. I am not an equestrian by trade or profession – I have a high-pressured job, a house, friends and a partner to fit in as well – and Buddy and I are a partnership built and developed on trust, friendship and love. There is more to our lives than competing every weekend and winning rosettes. For us, it is the training, the friends and the experiences you have along the way that make the memories. Thank you Equo Events for allowing us to make even more memories than we thought possible.


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