To mark the launch of Equo, we invited competitive riders from around the country to apply to becomes regional Equo brand ambassadors. Each winner received £100 a month to spend on entries made through, as well as branded clothing and a regular blog on the Equo website.

The Equo brand ambassadors are:

  • Bonnie Fishburn
  • Claire Taylor
  • Leanne Ehren
  • Ali Dane
  • Jessica Leroy

Bonnie Fishburn said: “I am delighted to become one of the first Equo brand ambassadors”.

Bonnie described the public vote as “nerve-wracking” due to the high standard of the shortlisted riders, however she is now thrilled to be working alongside Equo and starting a regular blog. Bonnie is based in the north west.

She added: “I’m really excited about what Equo has to offer and its help will be hugely appreciated”.

Equally excited is Claire Taylor, who said: “The experience so far has been incredible. During the voting campaign it was great to see how social media can be used in such a positive way.”

The north east rider added she has never felt so motivated and “cannot wait to start promoting Equo, as it’s the way forward with competition entries.”

Central brand ambassador, Leanne Ehren, said the whole process has been a “whirlwind of excitement”. “When I found out I had been shortlisted I was thrilled and the two weeks of campaigning that followed were so much fun,” she said.

“The support we’ve received from the equestrian world has been lovely and we’re really looking forward to sharing our journey with everyone.”

Ali Dane, who is representing the south west, is also thrilled to have been selected and said she can’t wait to get out and compete more.

Similarly, south east rider Jessica Leroy claims the selection has “made her year” and she cannot wait to see Equo “take off and hit the ground running — or galloping in this case.”