Our central brand ambassador, Leanne Ehren, introduces us to her four-legged friend Equo Buddy

Bright bay with beautiful honest eyes, Equo Buddy is totally adored by all who meet him. Now standing at 16.1hh (though he comes across as bigger!), the 9-year-old registered Irish sport horse has been with me ever since being shipped over from Ireland as a four-year-old.

It was those honest eyes and that solid big bay head that caught my eye when I bought him as an unbroken 4-year-old and he is the first horse that I have ever started completely from scratch. Of course, the intention was to bring him on and sell him, but when you find one as special as him, you would be mad to do such a thing!

Buddy was brought on slowly and it wasn’t until he was part-way through his fifth year that I started to compete him and it’s been non-stop (apart from those dreaded falls and injuries in 2014) ever since.

We compete in dressage, showjumping and a little cross-country. I used to hate dressage but now it’s my most enjoyed discipline! We are beginning to move to unaffiliated elementary level and will be rejoining British Dressage in the New Year. Prior to our accident in 2014 we were showjumping in Discovery classes (1m) and since completing our rehabilitation we are pleased to have returned to the ring at about 80cm currently.

Buddy loves face-planting himself in the muddiest spot in the field, giving cuddles to anyone but me and eating… a lot!