Equo is Horse & Hound’s revolutionary event entry system for competitors and organisers designed to suit your needs. So here’s what all the fuss is about…

  1. We’re secretly lazy

Let’s face it – we’re all secretly a bit lazy. We’re fed up of sending show entries via snail mail and quite frankly have better things to be doing. That’s why Equo is so great – it’s an online, timesaving event entry system… from the comfort of your own sofa. Equo is fast, easy and stress free. What more could we want?

  1. Cheque books are so old school

We resent using a cheque book. Fact. Come on now its 2015 – they’re uncool and don’t fit in our purses properly. In contrast Equo allows us to pay for our entries online via our smart phone, tablet or computer. Simple. If only everything in life was that easy.

  1. We hate planning

We all remember the hours we spent trawling through numerous venue’s websites in hope of manually planning our show schedules. Boring. Now Equo’s comprehensive listings bring local events directly to you, by the click of a button.

  1. We’re really busy

We are really busy these days. Yes, even if that includes catching up with this week’s ‘Bake Off’. That’s why the last thing we want in our manic schedules is to be wasting time on paperwork; hence why Equo is so great – it quick, easy and we can use it whenever and wherever we like.

  1. We never have a stamp

Even though we’ve convinced ourselves that we’re proper adults now by keeping stamps in our purse, there’s never one to hand when we need it. We don’t know where this stamp-stealing fairy comes from, but it’s not an ideal situation when the last post is quickly approaching and you’re going to miss a show’s closing date. Well, now there’s Equo… and it’s all done online. How do you feel about that stamp-stealing fairy?

  1. We can enter on our phone

Gone are the days of rearranging our apps, swiping right and aligning bits of candy – Equo now provides the perfect smartphone procrastination for those long journeys, lonely lunch breaks or awkward lift encounters.

  1. It’s inconspicuous

We’ve all sneakily filled in our competition entries at our desks and snuck them into the office post when our bosses aren’t looking… but now there’s Equo and it’s far less obvious. We can enter online while pretending to be working on a spreadsheet or doing our emails. Perfect.

  1. We can track our progress

Equo allows us to track our progress – great news if your horse has been behaving recently. And even if he hasn’t, Equo definitely beats some of those other trackers we have…. Such as the neglected dieting one, or (god forbid) the online banking one.

  1. We can easily find events near us

Equo’s filters allow us to find events nearby. So what does that mean? There’s less chance of the temperamental lorry breaking down en route, or the trusty steed getting bored on a long journey and you save on diesel costs too.

  1. We can enter in teams

Do you participate in team events? If so Equo allows team entry. This means that no unlucky teammate has to bite the bullet and pay for everyone and then wait for the rest of the team to eventually pay them back… Equo is basically saving a lot of awkward conversations – thank us later.

  1. We’re all secretly a bit needy

Equo cares about you and we all crave some TLC now and again. Equo offers dedicated support seven days a week from fully trained Equo staff. So if you’re having trouble with something, the Equo team is here for you.