It's officially blue Monday – the one day of the year that we're all allowed to feel a bit down. We've put together a little list of pick-me-ups to help you feel a bit better. Go on, give them a go.


Invite your friends round for a movie marathon

Dig out the classics such as National Velvet, Black Beauty and (if you’re feeling emotional) War Horse, over a bottle of wine. Nothing banishes the blue Monday blues like a night in with friends and a good film.

Give yourself something to look forward to

See what’s on this week to keep yours and your horses’ spirits up. Monday always goes quicker when you know you’ve got something fun coming up! How about some British Showjumping at Keysoe?

Give your pony a pamper session

As the saying goes, horses really can be the best medicine. Head down to your yard and spend some quality time with your horse and we guarantee that you’ll both feel better in no time. Plus you can always pop to a last minute show now that you have a clean pony! What about some unaffiliated dressage? 

Blow away those cobwebs

Explore a new hack route with your horse or go for a good gallop to blow away any cobwebs. You’ll have great fun and feel refreshed for the week ahead.

Practice your moves ready for a weekend show

Maybe you need to work on your jump off turns or perfect an upcoming dressage test? Set yourself a goal to work towards for the week, ready to perform your best at the weekend. If you fancy combining the two why not head down to Buryhill?

Head to the gym

Okay, we know that sounds even more depressing, but stick with us. Exercise releases endorphins as well as helping you to keep fit and healthy. Why not try a new gym class? You’ll make friends and it will improve your riding fitness as well as your mood.

Take the plunge and step up a class

We’re all guilty of saying we’ll do things and never actually getting round to them. If you’ve been waiting to make the move up a level then why not give it a go this weekend? You could start by jumping in a bigger class than usual at Keysoe.

Treat yourself

Having horses in the winter is hard work. Give yourself an evening of relaxation and you’ll feel invigorated for the week ahead. Have a soak in the bath with some essential oils or try a new face pack to soothe any sore winter skin.

Book a holiday

Whether you’re after a ski trip or a week at the beach, why not book something to look forward to? Even better, book a holiday away with your horse! There are all sorts of horsey getaways, regardless of what you’re into. Hacking lovers can book a cottage and explore the scenery somewhere new, or head to the beach and splash in the waves. You can even book in for a week away at a trainer’s yard for an intensive course to set up your competing season.

Have a riding session with your friends

The whole days spent at the yard with your childhood best friends may have passed, but it’s still fun to all ride together now. Set up a showjumping course, swap horses and have a pony day while reminiscing how much fun you used to have. Even better, go to a show together and support one another. How about some unaffiliated showjumping?

Have a cheat day

If none of these float your boat, don’t fear as we’ve saved the best for last. Treat yourself and your equine friend to a cheat day. January may be the month of diets, but one day off won’t hurt. Treat your horse to some extra carrots and order yourself a takeaway. We guarantee Monday will seem a whole lot better. If you feel really guilty afterwards you can always book in for a clinic to give yourself a good work out.

If you’re interested in finding some more shows to banish those Monday blues then have a look at what else Equo has to offer.