We think it's safe to say that horses and boys have a few things in common – they can be smelly, hairy, take up a lot of your time and (sometimes) break your heart. However, here are a bunch of reasons why horses come out tops in the battle of the boyfriends.

  1. Stubble – We can guarantee that your horse’s stubble is better than boys. A soft velvety muzzle to kiss beats a prickly beard hands down.
  2. Your horse won’t tell your secrets – You can trust your horse with your deepest secrets and he’ll happily just munch away on his hay listening without judging you… plus he can’t tell anyone. It may be an expensive form of therapy, but it works for us.
  3. You don’t have to share your food – Luckily enough, your horse won’t pinch the last slice of pizza, or eat your packed lunch for the next day. Sharing may be caring, but we can all admit that we wanted the whole pizza.
  4. Your horse will always be grateful – Your horse will always appreciate those early starts and lovingly prepared meals. Boyfriends on the other hand can often forget all the little things that you do for them.
  5. Your horse will never stand you up – Your horse can never back out of plans or leave you waiting. He’ll always want to see you and plus, you know exactly where he lives…
  6. Your horse doesn’t mind public affection – Your horse will never tell you off for a PDA, so you can kiss and hug him as much as you like in front of everyone, knowing you won’t be moaned at later.
  7. Your horse will never judge you – Horses are brilliant at never judging you. Your horse won’t care that you’re hungover from the night before, or that you’ve gone out in your pyjama’s… he’s just happy to see you.
  8. You have a common interest – You like horses and so does your horse! Your horse will never moan about going to a show, smelling like a muck heap or having hay in your hair because he does the same things too. A match made in heaven, ladies.
  9. Presents – Buying a present for your horse is essentially buying one for yourself, it’s a win win situation. And yes, he does need that new matchy matchy headcollar and show rug set.
  10. Separate beds – Your horse will never wake you up in the middle of the night by snoring, or stealing the quilt. Keeping horses means that you can stretch out all night and always get your beauty sleep.
  11. No football – Horses won’t subject you to hours of football and ‘Match of the Day’ repeats, so you can watch what you want on the TV and not have to argue over who gets to pick the movie.
  12. He won’t chat up other girls – You’ll never come to the yard to find your horse flirting with the groom, or arranging a date with an old owner. You can rest assured in knowing that you’re your horses only love.
  13. You’ll never get bored of each other’s company – Regardless of what you do together, you’ll never be bored with your horse. No mundane chats or having to meet the crazy relatives. You can just enjoy one another’s company.

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