Attending a clinic is a great way to get access to training from top instructors and have the chance to work through problems or learn some new schooling methods in a safe environment. Here is a selection of upcoming clinics in August to enter quickly and easily via Equo Events

Sam Jennings Show Jumping clinic

Date: 05 Aug 2017
Venue: East Bysshe, Surrey
Details: Eventer, Sam Jennings competes at the highest levels of her sport both here in the UK and abroad. The clinic will be split in groups of maximum of four riders and is suitable for all abilities.
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Your Horsemanship – Jason Webb – Ridden, Groundwork and Fun Challenges Clinic

Date: 10 Aug 2017
Venue: Home of Your Horsemanship, Kent
Details: Join Jason Webb for a fun and educational groundwork clinic and benefit from an improved relationship with your horse. The groundwork clinic is designed to give handlers the tools to control their horses in all situations, in a relaxed and fun way. A ridden clinic follows the groundwork one and riders wishing to participate in both will receive a discount.
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Leanne Wall Flatwork Clinic

Date: 21 Aug 2017
Venue: Four Elms Farm, Kent
Details: Leanne is a popular trainer and teaches at all levels – whether you want to improve your dressage scores, perfect your transitions or work on your position. All lessons are 45 minutes long and spectators are welcome plus there will be tea and cake available to riders, crew and watchers.
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Cavaletti Training with Emily Perry

Date: 24 Aug 2017
Venue: Beaver Hall, Staffordshire
Details: Emily Perry is a UKCC Level 2 Dressage instructor specialising in Cavaletti training, which is a great exercise to help develop suspension, increase the regulatory and rhythm within the gait while building strength and endurance. The 45 minute session will be beneficial to riders of any discipline with any shape or size horse.
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Robert Pickles FBHS Clinic

Date: 30 Aug 2017
Venue: RAC Saddle Club, Dorset
Details: You can either have a show jumping or flat session with Robert Pickles FBHS, an approachable, flexible, fun instructor who has had a long and successful career as a rider, trainer, coach, BHS examiner, NVQ Assessor, and judge.
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