We know that Valentine's Day can sometimes be a day of dread for those single Pringles amongst us, so we’ve put together a few ideas of how to spend the holiday having fun with your true love – your horse!

Go on a date

Don’t worry, we don’t mean book a restaurant. Take your horse out to a fun show or try something new together, such as arena eventing. You’ll both have a great time and feel refreshed for the week ahead of you. Have a look at the great events listed on wwww.equoevents.com.

Have a pamper day

Show your horse just how much he means to you by giving him a full pamper session. Treat him to some new shampoo and smarten up that mane – he’ll be feeling truly appreciated in no time.

Have a picnic together

Why not go to your favourite hacking spot and enjoy a picnic together? Pack some horsey treats for your equine friend and enjoy the countryside together.

Treat yourself

If you’ve been eyeing up those state-of-the-art tendon boots that you know your horse would just LOVE, why not treat him? He’ll be the envy of all his field friends and you’ll both look smart. We all need a little present now and then after all.

Have a cheat day

Enjoy Valentine’s Day by treating yourself to a few (well deserved) extra calories. Give your horse a special treat by giving him his favourite horsey snack and you can enjoy a takeaway afterwards. It’s a win win situation.

Double Date

Why not meet up with some friends and all go for a ride together? You’ll enjoy the company as much as your horse will and it’s a good excuse for finally organising a girls day out! You could even all attend a show together… see what www.equoevents.com have to offer.