These days it’s easier than ever to travel around the UK to competitions and events, thanks to modern transport links and high-tech horseboxes. However, it is important to ensure that your horses are safe and comfortable at all time. 

Here are some top tips for travelling long distances with your horse:

  1. Keep the box’s windows open. This will allow the box to remain ventilated so that your horse does not get too hot
  2. Don’t box your horse up straight after a competition — your horse will need some time to cool down, recover and relax
  3. Do regular temperature checks — if your horse is getting too hot, you need to do something about it quickly
  4. Don’t allow your horse to get dehydrated – you should always travel with water on the lorry and remember to offer your horse regular water
  5. Drive as smoothly as you can to avoid extra stress and try to avoid potholes or bumpy tracks
  6. Get the horses off the lorry every four hours. Horses shouldn’t travel for more than eight hours without stopping for a graze and a break, so it is important that you break up the journey
  7. If you can’t get them off the lorry, at least untie them so that they can get their heads down and have a drink
  8. Ensure that your horse has hay and that he cannot get his hoof caught in the net
  9. Always travel with your horse’s passport and your box’s breakdown details

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