The Gleneagles Hotel in Perthshire, Scotland is every horse rider’s dream as the equestrian school provides riding lessons and facilities for every discipline of horsemanship, and at every level of experience.

Gleneagles Equestrian School is an BHS exam centre, hosting BHS exams from Stage 1 – 4, plus the PTT and IT exams throughout the year. As well as hosting the exams Gleneagles Equestrian school is an approved BHS ‘Where to train’ venue. Gleneagles offers dedicated training days to cover each exam and offers riding and stable management sessions.

Through spring to autumn Gleneagles head outdoors to run dressage, showjumping and cross-country competitions. These competitions are the perfect opportunity to bring young horses or young riders to events for the first time. For those competition veterans out there, there is the chance to compete up to elementary dressage, showjumping up to 1.20m and the cross-country course has fences ranging from 50cm to 1.10m.

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