Our north-east brand ambassador Claire Taylor keeps us up to date in her latest Equo blog.

Hello! This is Claire Taylor writing from a wet and windy Lincolnshire! It’s my birthday today and I’ve just finished at the yard. I’m supposed to be attempting to get the muck from my nails and the hay from my hair as I am being taken out for dinner, but it seems like such hard work so I thought I would write my blog instead!

It’s been a hit and miss month really, but there was much excitement in the Team Taylor camp when the posh new lorry, who we have named Gertrude, arrived! After being off the road and feeling like I had my wings cut it was great to be able to get out and about again! Gertrude’s first (and so far only) outing was to take Oakley to his first ever show. We went to Arena UK and did some dressage and received some great scores and encouraging comments. We were thrilled to come third and fourth in our two tests.

Oakley was supposed to be going out again on 9 December for some “Stressless Dressage” (entering through Equo was most definitely stressless, yet I don’t believe that dressage can be!) However, we’ve been battling a particularly nasty case of mud fever and after having made no improvement following our normal treatments I had the vet out who advised me to keep Oakley in until we got on top of it. Oakley is not best pleased about this… but needs must! Patchy pony will now be going instead.


Oakley waiting for the vet to arrive 

Also this month we have entered some Christmas showjumping at Willow Banks. There are lots of weird and wonderful classes there and I’m looking forward to having a bit of fun just before Christmas. I will of course be wearing my Christmas jumper (that has bells on it!) as per the dress code.

Monty will be coming back to work shortly after Christmas and he seems much more chilled following a proper holiday. Classy, my thoroughbred that is in foal to the lovely Amour G, looks amazing but is so big she looks like she could pop any day! April cannot come soon enough!

We were very excited to get some more Equo goodies this week too! Two lovely saddlecloths and an exercise sheet were most gratefully received and I can’t wait to use them!

That’s about all for now, I fear I can’t put it off any longer and must go and make myself presentable. Team Taylor wish you all a great Christmas! Unfortunately, as the nature of my job is caring for the elderly, I don’t get any time off work over the Christmas period, but I will be squeezing in as much pony time as possible and hope that you can too!

Here’s to a very happy New year, and a 2016 full of fun and success.