Hello! My name is Luke Baber-Davies and together with my partner Chris and dedicated team we run Team LBD Dressage. Team LBD specialises in all things dressage, offering tuition, clinics, training and livery. We are based at Chailey Stud Equestrian Centre in East Sussex with some of the best facilities in the South of England.

1) How long have you been riding and competing?

I have been riding since I was eight-years-old. Since then I have well and truly caught the bug!

2) What is your favourite show venue?

I love Hickstead as the atmosphere is always great with nice facilities, plus it is handy being only 25 minutes away!

3) Which is your favourite competition memory?

I got to compete at the Pavo cup in Holland in 2014, which was pretty special.

4) Any funny competition day stories?

I was competing a few years ago at Merrist Wood when the zip on my boot broke so I had to compete with some mighty fashionable silver duck tape holding my boot together! It was made even more unfortunate as my groom had accidentally used the wrong saddle soap, which also meant that in the deadly silence of the competition ring my saddle was squeaking away with its own rendition of Beethoven’s 5th symphony!

5) What was your first pony like? 

My first pony was a fantastic coloured cob who really looked after me and was very patient!

6) What is your warm up routine when at a show?

My warm up routine does not differ too much from what we do at home, we try to keep everything the same so it is far less daunting and no great change for horse or rider, which allows us to crack on and do the best we can do.

7) What is your go-to snack at the show canteen?

I tend to steer away from the hot food at a show, so I usually grab a Snickers to eat on the go.

8) What did you want to do when you were younger?

From a very early age I wanted to become a dressage rider so I was determined to do all I could to achieve my goal!

9) Who has been your most memorable horse?

I used to have an old school master called Maestro who was as stubborn as anything… so if you were not pressing the right buttons you would not move an inch!

10) How do you celebrate after a good day at a show? 

We crack open a bottle of Veuve Clicquot champagne (any excuse for bubbles)

11) If you could have the ride on any horse (past or present), who would you choose?

I would love to ride Totilas as he is such fantastic horse.

12) What couldn’t you live without?

My husband Chris! Without him none of this would be possible and I am very lucky to have such great support!

13) What is your best top-tip for our readers?

Enjoy what you do and make sure that you are having fun.

Luke also featured as one of Equo’s trainers in the spotlight. Be sure to read his blog.

Luke & Keystone Disaronno