On Sunday Equo Events took to Twitter to participate in #EquineHour. It was a great evening, albeit a very busy one. If you missed out here are some of the highlights.


What is #EquineHour?

Andrew Green started #EquineHour in May 2014 in the week running up to Badminton. Andrew tells Equo how a friend came to him one evening to discuss how she was unhappy with her social networking for her small stud. At the time she only used Facebook and had not thought about using Twitter.

As Andrew runs his own business, he suggested that she started using Twitter and search for a business networking #Hours account, similar to those used in the business world, for people involved in the equestrian world.

“I had a search and to my astonishment none were to be found… but by this time the wine was flowing so I said I would start one!” Andrew told Equo.

“I registered @EquineHour on Twitter and started tweeting using the #EquineHour hashtag. I decided that Sunday evenings would be a good time to hold this weekly event, so that people could tweet about what they had got up to at the weekend” said Andrew.

The idea caught on quickly and #EquineHour had accumulated over 500 followers within the first week.

Occasionally #EquineHour hosts personalities from the equestrian world, who take part in live question and answer sessions.

#Equinehour also gives people the chance to exchange ideas, discuss products that they have found useful and increase their awareness to an equestrian audience.

The Equo takeover:




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