Don’t miss this cross-country checklist to ensure that you’re ready to compete at your best.

The day before

  • Clean and check your tack
  • Gather your clothing
  • Load the lorry
  • Check you have hay, water, buckets and rugs with you
  • Pack wet weather gear
  • Clean and prepare stud holes
  • Plan your route

Competition day

  • Go to the secretary and pay your number deposit
  • Check the running order
  • Find out the colour of the fence numbers for your class
  • Check if there are any bonus fences or timed sections
  • Walk the course thoroughly
  • Visualise your route and the fences in your mind
  • Decide how you are going to approach each fence
  • Walk all the alternatives on offer
  • Allow time to mentally prepare yourself
  • Warm your horse up in walk trot and canter, with a couple of jumps to loosen the muscles
  • Ride away from the start with a confident attitude
  • Ride sensibly for a safe clear round
  • Enjoy the experience

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