Do you want to learn more about JumpCross?


JumpCross was designed to provide horses and riders of all ages and abilities with the opportunity to learn the skill of riding cross-country without having to face solid obstacles.

The courses are run over a similar length to that of a cross-country course, with the same layout of fences you might expect to come across. For example there are narrow fences and jumps on a turn, ditches and water. Crucially all fences can be knocked down by a horse. The course is also timed to help determine a winner.

The idea is that the fences aren’t as intimidating as solid cross-country obstacles, but the nature of the course means that competitors are required to ride accurately and correctly so that their mounts don’t knock any of the fences down, which incurs penalties.

JumpCross says it “helps to teach riders to in rhythm and balance” which then in turn means “they [the horses] are much more likely to jump the fences cleanly”.

There are 10 JumpCross courses throughout the UK, with the competition season running between March and October.

There are two sections riders can fit into; seniors (16 years+); and juniors (7-15 years old). There is also the opportunity to create and compete within your own team which adds another dimension to the event.

Heights of fences in the classes available are split into JumpCross national group heights. These are:

Grassroots — (2’0”) open to all ages

Intro — (2’-2’6”) junior and senior sections

Group 3 — (average height 2’9”) senior and junior section

Group 2 — (3’0”-3’3”) senior and junior sections

Group 1 — (3’6”-3’9”) seniors only

JumpCross also offers and extensive range of training days to riders, whether you intend to compete or not. Training is offered by accredited JumpCross instructors and gives riders the chance to practice the art of JumpCross without the pressures of competition.