Jessica Leroy shares her hand time-saving and winter management tips for those darker evenings.

Handy time-saving tips for darker evenings

Prepare things the weekend before – like hay nets. My boys also get a new bale of shavings at the weekend to save me doing bales mid-week.

Plan your routine – having two horses I try not to waste a second with unnecessary steps whilst doing the morning yard before work! My routine is timed to the minute – literally.

Put things back! There’s nothing worse than spending half an hour looking for a hoofpick or schooling whip when ‘you’re sure you left it there yesterday….’

Not really for the darker evenings but the obvious time saving tip is to do your entries online! I’ve heard Equo Events is the number one place to go…

When it’s raining we actually leave the horses outside rugs on them to dry. We’ve found this works much better than a drying rack and providing they are dry underneath keeps them very toasty as well. Also means no rug changing!

Winter management tips

In the past our sensitive TB has been really affected by mud fever, this year we’ve been putting pig oil on his legs since early November and as of yet, no mud fever. Prevention is key for him, even if it is a messy job.

Our sensitive TB also suffers from bad arthritis, this year we’ve been using EquStremz bands and he’s been amazing! His legs puffy legs have gone right down and touch wood, despite some miserable weather he’s not had a day lameness yet…*touch wood!*

Our boys are total mud monsters so we always keep a heathy dose of mane and tail conditioner in their tails, it means the mud doesn’t stick and when it comes to brushing them out it only takes a few minutes rather than hours….

Counting down the days to when the days start getting longer…..It will come again, I promise!

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