On 31 October Kings Sedgemoor Equestrian Centre held their unaffiliated summer series dressage championships with Equo. Event organiser Charlotte Warman reports:

After a foggy start to the day the sun eventually began to shine at Kings Sedgemoor Equestrian Centre as the riders arrived for the KSEC unaffiliated summer series dressage championships.

The summer series ran between April and September 2015 and each rider qualified at an event as they were placed within the top four of their classes. We ran classes from Intro (walk and trot) all the way through to pick-your-own (PYO) Novice, Elementary and Medium.

The standard of riding was very high, with a huge range of horses and ponies. Congratulations to our winners and to all who competed at the event.

KSEC EQUO Shots-12Photo: Natalie Passmore riding Diago II – Kate Alford Photography


Intro B

1st Emma Buck – Steeling Moments

2nd Emma Jefferies -Tommy Tank

3rd Charlotte Ellicott – Tiptoe Jack Frost

Prelim 14

1st Nicki Dyer – Gus

2nd – Tracy Delbridge – Kiltown Poppy

3rd Ellie Clarke – Artic Hero

Novice 30

1st Bev Trout -Toby T

2nd Kate Randle – Cougar

3rd Jenny Frampton – Wellshead Meastro

PYO Novice 34, Ele 42 Med 63

1st Sarah Bardon – Boris

2nd Natalie Passmore – Diago II

3rd Looby Marsden – Chancer Dancer


Photo: Kate Alford Photography

We are very grateful to our sponsors, NFU Mutual Bridgewater office, for their continued support and generosity. All year round they have provided wonderful rosettes, beautiful sashes for the championships and embroidered gilets.

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