To mark the start of the 2020 show season, we have released a number of improvements to the EQUO online entries system.

The registration process for riders wishing to make entries for the first time has been streamlined, making it easier and quicker for new users to submit their initial entries.

For show secretaries, we have a new quick-and-easy import system that reads British Showjumping schedules and loads them into EQUO, removing the need for a lot of information to be typed in by hand. More detailed instructions on how to use the system can be found below.

In addition, our customer and technical support system for both riders and show organisers has been reinstated. If you have any questions please do email us on

We hope that these improvements will be well received, but if you have any questions or feedback for us, please do get in touch on the email above.

How to use the British Showjumping schedule importer

A simple guide for show organisers explaining how to upload events using the new British Showjumping schedule upload tool in your EQUO profile.

  1. Log in to your EQUO account
  2. Open the British Showjumping website in a separate browser tab
  3. Search for the show you would like to copy over to EQUO
  4. Open the schedule for the selected date and use the ‘view full schedule’ option
  5. On your equo browser tab, use the ‘Add Event’ button as normal
  6. Click on ‘would you like to create an event from BS Schedule?’ This will take you to a new page
  7. Copy the link/URL from the address bar of the British Showjumping tab
  8. Paste the link into the BS Schedule Link box. Add your First Aid fee to the box below. You can leave the first aid fee blank if you do not charge one. Click continue
  9. Populate your details on the next page
  10. Click the Orange ‘Save’ button at the bottom of your page
  11. When you have completed the steps above and you are happy to take entries click the ‘Preview/Publish’ button

If you experience any difficulties with this process, please contact us on