Everyone loves a good hack with their horse – it’s the perfect way to relax and enjoy some quality time together. However, this time can also be beneficial for your schooling together. 

Introducing new challenges when you’re out hacking together is a good way to keep schooling fun and your horse will love it if you mix up his routine. Its also a great way to freshen your horse up before you go out competing.

Out hacking is a great time to think about fittening work – vital for any combination. Make the most of hills around you by walking, trotting and cantering up them if the ground allows. Don’t be afraid to ask your horse to work properly.

When you’re out hacking be sure to find some suitable ground to work on. It’s a good idea to warm-up by doing about 10 minutes of an active walk. When you have both warmed up, start thinking about lengthening your strides.

You can easily practice extended trot up a hill. This helps to stop your horse from rushing, which can often occur when extending on a flat surface. Uphill you will find that your horse lengthens his stride, rather than rushing. 

Another advantage of practicing your extended trot when out hacking is that your horse doesn’t learn when you are going to start and finish a movement, as they would if you were training for a dressage test. For example, when schooling in the arena you would often extend across the diagonal meaning that your horse will know when you will start and finish.

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