Erik Mackechnie, training coach at Gleneagles in Perth, passed his BHSI in 1998 and has worked with exam candidates from grass roots to BHSI level.

World Class Development Coach, Paralympics representative for Scotland and RDA Dressage representative, Erik has competed to Advanced level dressage and has a wide circle of clients all over Scotland. Erik is also responsible for the on going development of the other coaches. Here Erik shares his top tips for exam preparation:    

Maximise yourself

Use every opportunity to your advantage. If you don’t like certain aspects in the industry, but have the chance to compete in it or try it, have a go anyway and get it on your CV. You may need it for your Fellowship exam one day!

Planning and preparation

Know the ins and outs of each of the exam sections and seek up-to-date advice on any points which maybe unclear.

Peer groups

If a couple of you are going for the same exam, try developing a study group. Each person should pick a subject and present it to the group. Everybody will learn an awful lot more this way.

Keep your cool

Know yourself well enough to recognise when you are getting carried away or stressed, and develop get out clauses to change your behaviour. For example breathing techniques may help, or using appropriate questions to clarify an unclear situation or question etc.

Industry experience

Don’t blag – the examiners can sniff it out. If you have any gaps in your education, for example you have not worked on a racing yard, go and attend an open day at one! This will give you a greater idea and understanding of this part of the industry.

Paddle your own canoe

Nobody can get you to pass the exam except for yourself! Your commitment is everything!

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