From tomorrow you can enter January's sponsorship competition!

Would you like Equo to sponsor your event? 

Each month Equo will be offering events listed on Equo the chance to win £500 to be used as sponsorship of your event. From offering increased prize money, buying prizes or investing in new equipment, how you use the money is up to you.

How does it work? 

Each calendar month Equo offers one sponsorship package of events listed on the site. Upload and publish your event on Equo, then head over to this page and fill in the form below for your chance to win.

As an organiser, you can only apply for the package once per venue or club each month, and you may only apply for months during which the venue is hosting an event. If you are running multiple events, you may only apply for one sponsorship package each month.

The show you apply for must be taking place at least a month after the closing date (31st of each month) for a particular month’s sponsorship package. For example, if applying for sponsorship during January, your event should be in March. This will allow you time to promote the fact that Equo is sponsoring the event.

For example, if you upload an event taking place in July during January, you may apply for sponsorship for that show each month from January until May. So make sure you get your events on the site well ahead of time to boost your chances of winning.

Winners will display an Equo banner (provided by us) at your sponsored event, along with posters. We would also ask that you provide us with an event report after the event so we can let everybody know how the money was spent.

The winner will be drawn at random on the first working day of each month.

Please view our competitions page to find out more.