How do you ensure working hunter success? The season is just around the corner, so here we look at some top tips to help you in the ring.

Equo: events entry made easy

Are you looking for something to do with your horse this bank holiday? Why not make the most of the long weekend and get out to a show together.

Following all the recent action we’ve caught the showjumping bug and have compiled a list of upcoming events for you to enter online.

Equo Events are excited to sponsor the Volunteer of the Year Award at this year's Horse & Hound Awards. This recognises the sacrifice made by this volunteer to enable countless…

Following all of the exciting action over the last few days, we’ve developed dressage fever and can’t wait to get out competing with our horses - don't miss these upcoming…

Horse shows in Wales: Cricklands

Do you find yourself taking off too early or getting too close to a fence? This simple exercise should help you to correct the issue, without even leaving the ground.